How One Doctor Is Using Social Media to Fight Ebola Fear and Stigma

October 28, 2014 4:11 PM

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On Monday, I returned from a beautiful trip to Kenya; however, the question I am most often asked is this: "Do you have Ebola?" Some people say it with sarcasm and others are completely serious. For the record, Kenya is not an area impacted by Ebola. However, this is a valid question. Nearly every American tourist I encountered while in Kenya expressed some concerns about it. Now that I am home and watching the news, there seems to be a deep focus on Ebola.

There are many fears and myths concerning Ebola, and one doctor is using social media to combat the fears and stigmas attached to it. This person is Dr. Richard Besser. In an age where social media is often relied upon as the most current source of information, Dr. Besser decided to use his platform...

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