Once Upon a Time recap: 'Fall'

December 1, 2014 3:00 AM

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Once Upon a Time recap: 'Fall'

Okay, let's hope Once doesn't take a week off again anytime soon—because I can barely handle the sheer amount of master plot-advancing stuff that happened in tonight's episode. (Whether all that stuff totally made sense? Well, we'll get to that.) Anna's whereabouts are revealed! Rump forces Hook to decimate Storybrooke's fairy population! (Think Blue is really, most sincerely dead this time?) Black Beard returns! (Clearly, he'd been hanging out with Dr. Whale.) Everyone cries and hugs and smooches and thanks the TV gods (slash screenwriter Jane Espenson) for giving them ace Emmy reel material! And finally, another all-powerful, never-before-mentioned magical object suddenly saves the day—until it doesn't!

Yep, that's right: As of the hour's end, Ingrid's Shattered Sight curse has officially infected the (mostly) good people of Storybrooke. Because of course the Once crew couldn't resist an opportunity to see the lion's share of its heroes act against type—and to get its rather large stable of redeeme...

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