Ode: To All Of It

October 8, 2014 8:10 PM

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Ode: To All Of It

He was like a guardian unto me. His grey fedora the rim of my world, smiling down all around me, bobbing up down on his fat knees. He was a dancer actually, and quite a good one at that too. He was funny, and I remember him making people laugh at parties. His smile, what can I say, broad rimmed spectacles, a round Italian face, hearty and wholesome like the happy Buddha - except they were strictly Catholic of course, and the niggers well don't even mention those. Even the greatest of saints have their ordinary human tarnish.

I honestly don't know exactly what he did for a living. I imagine him, out of the recesses of my mind, working in his garage in Warrington, PA selling business stationary supplies, because I think I recall my dad saying he did that. I see him making bottles of whiskey, gambling, respectably of cours...

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