Odd Formation On Mars Has Made Scientists Curious Regarding How It Came To Be

December 8, 2014 5:47 AM

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Ever since technology had advanced to the point where space travel and high powered telescopes were possible, scientists and researchers have been studying planets of interest. Mars is among one of the planets and is something that has peaked everyone’s interests due to a variety of reasons. Recently, NASA had captured an image of Mar’s surface and have found an odd-looking surface formation that resembles an island or even a boil. The formation has been referred to in several different ways, and include ‘Snake-like mounds’.

NASA had captured an image and have commented on its description “It looks like a circular island surrounded by a ‘sea’ of smooth-looking lava flows. Therefore, it is highly possible that volcanism played a role in creating this feature. Perhaps lava has intruded underneath this mount and pushed it ...

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