Octopus Inspires Camouflaged Clothing

August 20, 2014 4:04 PM

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Cephalopods rarely get the credit they deserve. Not only are many members of the species delicious delicacies in many ocean-faring cuisines but they are pretty cool animals to boot. Take the octopus, for examples, it moves fluidly—almost like water itself—creeping over rocks, using tentacles each with dozens of suckers all moving independently of one another. It has strong limbs and a strong “beak” that can crack through the toughest crustaceans.

The octopus also has two very distinct defense mechanisms and both of those are based on visual effects. First of all, the octopus can blend in with its surroundings better than almost any other animal on the planet. And that is partially because its body has an ink sack which it can manipulate usin...

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