Oct. 29 | Shepherd Express

October 29, 2014 4:03 PM

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Adapted from the 2011 bestseller by British author S. J. Watson, this thriller introduces Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman), a 40-year-old woman unable to retain new memories once she goes to bed each night. Awakening daily to a home she doesn’t recognize, Christine learns from hubby Ben (Colin Firth) that an accident 13 years ago has resulted in her disorder. A phone call from Christine’s neuropsychologist Dr. Nasch (Mark Strong) helps her to locate her secret video diary hidden in her closet. After viewing, Christine slowly realizes that her disorder is the result of a brutal beating and that she can trust no one. Christine’s confused, paranoid efforts to unravel the truth should be more fun and tantalizing, but the film’s direction by Rowan Joffe fails to generate sufficient sympathy for Kidman’s character. (Lisa Miller)

Down on his luck in Los Angeles, Louis (Jake Gyllenhaal) pawns his bike for a digital video camera and police scanner, using these as he trolls the city’s nighttime streets hoping to film the aftermath of crimes and accidents. Soon enough, he crosses paths with ruthless news director Nina (Rene Russ...

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