Occasion Pancakes With Panache

March 19, 2015 6:29 PM

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Occasion Pancakes With Panache

OF ALL THE everyday lies parents tell their children, few are more persistent than the idea that pancakes are an ambitious, only-for-special-occasions treat. I can admit this because I, too, like to clang bowls around and kick up a cloud of flour and generally make a production of the procedure while my son sits at the table grinning gullibly. But the truth is, any knucklehead could get the job done on any given Tuesday morning.

Still, who can blame the kids for believing? A well-formed pancake—gently puffed, golden and crisp at the edges—sure looks grand. And though easily learned, there is an art to the timing: the ladling of batter onto the hot pan, then the pause, just long enough for little bubbles to pop to the surfac...

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