Obesity, Fitness Trackers and Kids: It's Time for a Plan

December 12, 2014 2:45 AM

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Will we survive the next hundred years? At the rate we're going, we're either going to blow ourselves up or eat ourselves to death. As individuals we have little influence over macro events, but we have choice over the variables that impact on our size and health. Right? We have the capacity to rationally understand and avoid the lifestyle that leads to degenerative diseases and premature death -- sleep deprivation, a poor quality diet and lack of exercise. Right?

Apparently, the answers to the above questions are wrong and wrong. No pun intended, but this topic has been written about to death. Regardless of how hard people try to take control of their lives, to date, most fail miserably. We have become a nation of sick, obese people. At the rate we're going,...

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