Will Obama pass the buck on defeating ISIS? [Commentary]

October 14, 2014 10:26 PM

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•Regarding America's present war footing, our military brass are saying what common sense would dictate: It's gonna be really difficult to defeat (rather than contain) ISIS without professional soldiers ultimately doing the dirty work on the ground. Which also raises the question of what if our "rent-a-moderate-Syrian-freedom fighter" strategy fails? In other words, will an anti-war president (re)consider the use of U.S. boots on the ground if that is what it will take to defeat ISIS? My bet is no; Mr. Obama does not want another ground war in Iraq as part of his legacy. Such a call will be left to his successor.

•Our experiences in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have moved America away from not only Bush era interventionism, but also JFK's "pay any price" (for freedom) doctrine. In fact, it was the precise antithesis of President Kennedy's doctrine that secured the White House for an anti-war freshman senato...

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