Obama Has Lost His Nerve in the Battle Against a Nuclear Iran

February 14, 2015 12:12 AM

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Iran is the gravest threat to world peace. It is tricky enough dealing with Vladimir Putin’s land grabs, and the monsters in Iraq-Syria, but at least the West is more or less agreed on the need to resist. What is most alarming about Iran is that the United States, in the person of President Barack Obama, seems to have lost its nerve to stop Iran’s final dash to be a nuclear military power, with appalling consequences for the Middle East sooner – and later with missiles that could reach the United States. Iran has got where it is, close to a window of a few months for a bomb, by a pattern of defiance and deceit. It signed the non-proliferation treaty but cheated on it. It resumed the enrichment of uranium it had been ordered never to start. Six times it has ignored resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. It has regularly evaded and lied to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Everyone knows one thing about Iranian leaders: smiling or frowning you can’t trust them.

It took some time for the Western countries to realize they’d been taken for suckers. When they did, they were more or less obliged to act with force – or acquiesce in Iran’s “right” to enrich uranium. Acquiesce they did until finally provoked to impose sanctions. They worked. Iran came to the negot...

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