How Obama brought capitalism to outer space

October 11, 2016 8:03 PM

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In 2010, nearly 50 years after John F. Kennedy called for the United States to send a man to the moon, President Obama went to the Kennedy Space Center, to set a new course. Under George W. Bush, the agency had been working on another lunar mission. But now, with Buzz Aldrin sitting in the audience, Obama had a blunt message about those plans: “We’ve been there before. Buzz has been there. There’s a lot more space to explore, and a lot more to learn when we do.”

Now, six years after that speech, as he nears the end of his presidency, Obama is bookending his charge by doubling down on NASA’s plan to get to Mars, even though space is a topic he has rarely addressed publicly. In an op-ed published by CNN Tuesday morning ahead of the White House frontiers Confe...

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