For Obama and Israel, the party is over

March 11, 2015 1:09 PM

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For Obama and Israel, the party is over

Dr. Malley is the complete opposite of Dennis Ross when it comes to the peace process. He gave Israel a hard time over its part in the failure of the talks in the Bill Clinton era, and he believes that a dialogue with Hamas is crucial in order to reach a comprehensive agreement with the Palestinians. It's no wonder that the Jewish establishment in the US was afraid of him. Although Obama wanted him in the White House, he was forced to take into account the campaign waged by the Jewish community leaders against his appointment.

But now that he is free of electoral pressures and has been challenged by Netanyahu, Obama is making it clear to Israel and to its supporters that the party is over. The presidential treatment of the Palestinian issue in the next two years is about to take on a much more aggressive attitude.

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