NYT's Alessandra Stanley Explains Her Terrible Writing Technique

September 23, 2014 5:30 PM

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If you happened to be hanging out on the internet last Friday, somewhere near the intersection of Pop-Cultural-Criticism and Oh-No-How-Did-This-Get-Written-What-A-Dumpster-Fire, you might have heard about New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley's latest foray into failure, "Wrought In Rhimes' Image" -- her attempt at reviewing the upcoming Viola Davis vehicle "How To Get Away With Murder."

Stanley wrongfoots her way onto multiple rakes before the reader's gaze drops below the second paragraph. For starters, she is somehow of the belief that Rhimes is the creator of "How To Get Away With Murder." Alas, no: that honorific belongs to Peter Nowalk. Oh, and then there's Stanley's lede: "Wh...

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