A Nurse's Wish in Labor and Delivery

December 8, 2014 8:51 PM

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As an obstetrical nurse, I am surrounded by beauty every single day I come to work. What people who don't work in obstetrics don't know is that labor and delivery can also be incredibly sad. As maternal child nurses, we're not just holding babies and taking pictures of new parents. Some days, we leave work so emotionally shattered, we feel crippled by the weight. I cannot count how many bad or unfortunate things I have seen in my short career as a nurse. But without hesitation, the absolute worst thing I have ever experienced is the unexpected death of a baby.

When I admit someone for labor, I can't help but get so excited. Even if I'm tired, even if we're short-staffed, even if the mother is screaming in a lot of pain, I love it. Part of the magic of labor and delivery is that the same process unfolds at each delivery. Sometimes something unexpected come...

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