Nothing Rhymes With Heidegger

September 22, 2014 3:06 PM

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Nothing Rhymes With Heidegger

I know as much about philosopher Martin Heidegger's writings as I know about how to stuff a turkey on Thanksgiving. Mostly because others have always stuffed the bird, all I have to do is stuff myself. But I want to understand philosophy. At one time I thought that Linus and Snoopy counted? But soon, when I have the time to delve, reflect and come up for air, I will return to the great books... My father was philosophic and quoted the ancients a great deal. The Greeks got in there, of course, but often Hillel took top billing. Still, when I read that CUNY was showing a film on the anti-Semitic nature of the esteemed German philosopher and rock star of Western thought, I jumped. I have a strange penchant for exploring Nazi stories and I suppose I keep my self-esteem in check with a weekly update of anti-Semitic news. It also didn't hurt that my Tanzanian friend, Ven Kwannin, a physicist, and my Greek pal, a beautiful jeweler, also think that Heidegger was the bees' knees.

As I didn't attend the entire conference at CUNY, I still can't really speak to Heidegger's contributions. Though I gather it has something to do with beingness and time. But that's not primarily what the conference was about. His Black Notebooks, heretofore unpublished writings are now being reveal...

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