Not Just a Morning Walk | Rudri Bhatt Patel

July 18, 2014 6:26 PM

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For the last few months, mornings have taken on a different significance for me. My need to find calm has led me to the outdoors. Instead of quickening my pace for a run, I've slowed down my cadence to walking. My feet take a more purposeful stride and I look up and notice the light-blue hue of the sky and the assorted hot air balloons sprinkled across the horizon. The air has a variety of smells. Passing by one house, a family is cooking breakfast and I recognize the aroma of curry. At another, I know a mother or father is loading laundry, the wisps of floral detergent spilling around their house. All of these smells are couched under the umbrella of the desert air, where I can sometimes taste the grittiness of the sand.

There are sounds and sights that accompany my walk. The rabbits scurry alongside my path, darting in no particular identifiable direction. A few cars zoom fast, but my ears gravitate toward the chirping birds. A tree near my path houses an owl and her babies; branches provide a place where this moth...

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