No, He's Not Autistic. Only Yes, He Is.

August 15, 2014 7:01 PM

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No, He's Not Autistic. Only Yes, He Is.

I remember when I first saw those multicolored puzzle piece car magnets. I knew they stood for autism spectrum disorder awareness. Which bugged me. Everything was autism. Have a weird kid? Diagnose him with autism. Don't have a name for what is going on with your child? Throw her under the umbrella of autism. Doesn't everyone know someone who is a little weird? Won't look you in the eye? Has odd social skills? Why is it all autism all of a sudden, is what I used to think.

But the more I saw those puzzle piece magnets, the more I thought about my own child and what a puzzle he was. Such a unique child. No way to describe him. I began to wonder if maybe he would fit under the umbrella.

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