Nine Steps to a Healthy Relationship With Your Heart

February 2, 2015 4:35 PM

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Nine Steps to a Healthy Relationship With Your Heart

People often ask me why I chose the field of cardiology, and I always answer that to me the heart is fascinating. Coupled with the incredible complexity of its structure and abilities is the pure simplicity of the silent way it supports us every day. Beat after beat it works tirelessly to sustain us from the womb to our very last breath. It gives us so much and it asks only one thing of us in return: love. However too few of us truly love our hearts. We take for granted that it will serve us dutifully and we don't give it the kindness, care and adoration it deserves. But as with every great love in life it must be nourished, understood and shown compassion. We must work to make the relationship long lasting and that means taking the time and energy to devote to the simple steps of prevention. By focusing on prevention, we are laying a solid foundation for our relationship with our heart that will help us steer clear of future problems.

I truly believe the same keys to a wonderful personal relationship also make for the best ways to support a heart healthy relationship. Here are 9 steps that I believe make for a great start!

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