October 31, 2014 12:57 AM

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His name may be Lou Bloom but a more accurate name for Jake Gyllenhaal’s character would be the title of Dan Gilroy’s debut feature film. Lou is a creature of the night – like a wolf scrounging for scraps in order to survive another day. When Lou discovers the seedy world of late-night accident and crime-reporting he finally feels his skills are being better utilized. By imitating fellow reporter Joe (Bill Paxton) and following the guidance of his new boss Nina (Rene Russo), Lou’s “business” begins to take-off. Soon he is hiring an assistant (Riz Ahmed) for his late night reporting and rising to the top above his competition. It isn’t until a deadly murder that he catches on tape that places his life and everyone around him in jeopardy.

With a shit-eating grin, greasy hair, and bulging eyes that showcase the character’s eagerness for fame and fortune, Gyllenhaal feels like the car accidents his character goes to examine – he’s a complete wreck but you don’t want to look away. It’s a role that demands attention and Gyllenhaal gives ...

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