Newly discovered Frog species gives birth to tadpoles

January 1, 2015 2:27 AM

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Newly discovered Frog species gives birth to tadpoles

This discovery took place when Jim McGuire, a researcher from University of California was tromping through a rainforest in Sulawesi, which is an Indonesian island located near Borneo. He said that he stumbled across what appeared to be a single male frog but when he reached out to hold it, Jim quickly realized that he was in fact a she because she squirted tadpoles all over his hand. McGuire didn’t get a chance to make a video footage of the frog giving birth, but he did find more tadpoles in nearby pools.

This reinstated the fact that some frogs do give birth to their young ones. These frogs belong to a group of Asian fanged frogs that were discovered some decades ago by McGuire’s colleague, Djoko Iskandar who happens to be a zoologist at Indonesia’s Institut Teknologi in Bandung, but the species had...

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