New York Inspires

November 10, 2014 6:00 PM

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I've been thinking a lot about inspiration and what drives me to take a picture. I always have a camera with me and it's in my nature as a photographer to need to capture where I am at any given time. The light is my biggest muse and I collect moments with my camera because if I make the picture then the time will stay with me forever. My camera is like an open diary - a sketchbook of my life where I keep all of my stories. I always talk about wanting to freeze time - it's the thing I want more of and I can't ever seem to have enough. I want my kids to stay little a little longer, I want the days and weeks to pass at a regular pace instead of zipping by as though in a time warp, and I want all of these moments to stay fresh. Because I can't stop time I rely on my camera and my eye to do it for me.

New York is one of my biggest inspirations. This city is constantly changing and it's a study in contrasts. There is a quiet mystery in this town with secrets hidden at every turn waiting to be discovered and yet it is often so loud and in-your-face that you can't hear yourself think. It's a city wh...

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