New York Film Festival 2014 #3: DeNiro and Woods Shined "Once Upon A Time..."

September 30, 2014 5:30 AM

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Surely one of the highlights of the New York Film Festival will be the screening of the latest version of director Sergio Leone's epic swan song, Once Upon A Time In America. Cast members reunited on stage, led by Robert De NIro, Treat Williams and a chatty James Woods who eloquently and enthusiastically sang the film's praises. De Niro slipped out, but the rest stayed and savored all four plus hours of this gangster epic.

Leone's last film is one of those tragic tales of a great vision being compromised and thwarted at every turn. Unlike say Orson Welles, Leone fought for his movie every step of the way but to no avail. He shot enough footage to release a six hour film and pleaded with his producers to let him put it...

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