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February 5, 2015 11:19 AM

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Last night PBS debuted its newest nature special, EARTH: A New Wild. In the opening episode, the program’s host, M. Sanjayan, promises that this will be a genre-busting kind of environmental documentary. “My mission,” Sanjayan says, “is to tell you an untold story, where we humans are not separate from nature – we are part of it.” And indeed this isn’t just a Planet Earth knock off. Instead of focusing the camera on the planet’s myriad natural wonders, Sanjayan is more interested in exploring a thornier question: How can human civilization and wild nature coexist, especially in this worrisome new era of the Anthropocene?

Earlier this week I got the chance to geek out with Sanjayan, who, when not hosting globe-spanning television documentaries, works for the NGO Conservation International. We talked about his aspirations for the new program, why Americans have such an especially hard time living with bears and wolves...

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