A New Way to Watch What You Eat

January 21, 2015 8:34 PM

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If I were Karl Ove Knausgard, I'd tell you what I ate for breakfast. Okay, I'll tell you anyway. Oatmeal with tahini. Ricotta cheese with honey and slivered almonds. Grapefruit and orange juice mixed 50/50. But why do you care what I had for breakfast? If you bear with me the length of this post, which asks a lot less of your time than Karl Ove Knausgard does with his six-volume autobiographical "novel, My Struggle, I'll tell you.

My breakfast today was very Zen. I mean that literally, not the way many people use the word, as a synonym for something peaceful or paradoxical. It's the kind of meal I learned to cook and eat as a Zen student, served in three nested bowls wrapped in cloth, in a formal style of eating called oryoki...

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