New Wave Women: Pulse and Nada

December 29, 2014 9:03 PM

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Orit Raff is influenced by minimalism as well as the Northern Romantic tradition. She is especially drawn to the ice-covered landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich. Raff likes to photograph empty rooms, absence and the lingering remains of presence. She hopes to focus our eyes on what is unseen or passed over lightly. "By photographing these marginal details; stains, traces, dust, dirt, I bring them to the center of vision, allowing them to exist and prevail," she says, in an attempt to foreground "the abjectness of the otherwise invisible."

Sarah McKenzie paints architecture in a state of transformation: coming into being, or a starting to decay. Her mother is a land use planner, so she has long been familiar with the sheet glass, electrical wires and creased tarps she paints. For several years she has painted windows: empty views thro...

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