The New Science of Mind and Body in Cultural Contexts

August 11, 2015 9:30 PM

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The New Science of Mind and Body in Cultural Contexts

In biocognitive theory, individuals are seen as an inseparable living field of mind, body and cultural history in constant search for contextual meaning. These biocultural fields define the known as inclusive and the unknown as exclusive. The fields (cultural perception) are contained within horizons that set off alarms when confronted with unknown or contradictory contexts. The operative consciousness that is constructed from our cultural history and our biological foundation, determines how we respond to novelty in a contextual coauthoring that ranges from curiosity to panic.

I argue that current mechanical models of the life sciences study disease by reducing the body to pathological parts. I propose that the healing process must include the cultural history that contextualizes the mind-body expression of health and illness. Instead, we must challenge the cultural belie...

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