New Music for Old Instruments

August 7, 2014 10:12 PM

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New Music for Old Instruments

As a composer of concert music and member of an organization (Chicago's Fifth House Ensemble) that specializes in presenting cutting-edge music by living composers, I've enjoyed the chance to become acquainted with all kinds of exciting, mysterious, and unexpected sounds created using a variety of approaches. In the 21st century, composers working in all genres have access to a bewildering and wonderful array of electronic gadgets that produce sound very handily, including synthesizers, amplifiers, and electronic processing from electric guitar stomp boxes to complex software programs.

With all this technology there for the plundering, it's no surprise that the possibility of creating music on laptops and electronic instruments has captured the attention of today's composers, who now share in common with the pop artist the ability to conjure up a diverse sampling of timbres and lo...

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