New Horizons will snap the first close up images of Pluto this July

April 14, 2015 6:00 PM

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The New Horizons spacecraft will soon make history as it closes in on Pluto in an attempt to snap the very first close up images of the former planet. That’s right, despite all our recent advancements in space exploration we’re only now approaching the edge of our solar system. Believe it or not, NASA launched New Horizons back in January 2006 with the main goal of reaching Pluto, although it also passed by Jupiter and its moons along the way. After nearly 10 years of travelling through the vastness of our solar system, the spacecraft will finally be able to give us a better look at the dwarf planet on July 14.

It’s certainly a bit humbling to know that our fastest spacecraft ever build needs almost a decade to reach Pluto. At the same time though, when we consider that New Horizons already traveled three billion miles it seems really amazing that a man-made object could get this far, doesn’t it? What’s ev...

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