New films: Project Almanac, Black Sea, Black or White

January 30, 2015 9:45 PM

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New films: Project Almanac, Black Sea, Black or White

I’ve complained about “found footage” films before – the kind where what you’re watching has supposedly been shot by characters within the film. In many, of the “Blair Witch Project” variety, the idea is that, but for this supposedly real and found content, we wouldn’t know what happened to a group of missing people. But they’re often quite hard to watch in terms of camera motion and they fall victim to inconsistency in terms of which character is filming something, of footage miraculously coming from a third party camera, or scenes in which the filming makes little sense.

The beginning of “Project Almanac” brought out all those same concerns. It’s jumpy enough in terms of hand held camera motion that I was genuinely, initially concerned that I might experience nausea during the film. But, as with many such stylistic choices, if the story wins you over you tend to for...

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