New Film Healing of Love Is Challenging the Paradigm of Relationships

March 31, 2015 11:11 PM

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Have you ever felt frustrated with our culture's current model of acceptable relationships- that is, monogamous pairing? Realized that in our world of social networking, we're losing real, close connections to others? Filmmakers Ian Mackenzie and John Wolfstone have and are raising money on Kickstarter to produce a short film called "Healing of Love: Sex, Partnership, and Village," that is challenging our society's ideas about romantic relationships. They studied the culture in the small Portuguese village of Tamera, whose relationships revolve around community and trust that are revolutionizing the way relationships are built. They're project is getting a lot of attention and support, as they have raised 43% of their fundraising goal in just the first three days of their campaign.

I spoke with Mackenzie to learn more about what inspired the films creation, the problems with our relationship models, and why they've decided to produce a short that viewers will be able to watch for free, online.

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