"New Business" Re Mad Men's Megan: Confirmed Evidence of Don's Guilt and Self Loathing

April 14, 2015 6:57 PM

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If anyone needs concrete evidence that self loathing and self hatred lead to self-destruction, Sunday's Mad Men cynical episode, "New Business," offers it. Who can forget the longing in the opening moments on both Betty and Don's faces (hers swifter and earlier than his) as each saw the dreams they had lost? This segment, "New Business," is in essence "Old Don Business." The "New" reference belongs to Megan. Through the years with Mad Men, each of the major female characters has shown caring and honor, despite difficult circumstances and lapses. This segment shines a very different quality of light on Megan.

Spoiler Alert: As in my last post, I will try to avoid addressing plot, but certain aspects will be touched. I will concentrate primarily on Megan and Don's relationship and on Don's generosity and kindness to Megan, based on guilt and desire to change his life. Megan, in this episode, is shown to b...

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