New Artist Reviews: Joan Torres' All Is Fused

February 2, 2015 4:41 PM

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Music is a collection of sound waves arranged in a way that affect the body cognitively as well as physiologically. The structural elements of music are usually defined by pitch, timbre, key, harmony, amplitude, rhythm, meter and tempo. Classical music is the epitome of structural perfection and basis for most music theory. Rock music and blues often follow this structure as well although simplified. However, musical structure is not as strict as once believed. Jazz and progressive jazz is a perfect example of structure re-structured. Though containing most, if not all of these elements, it is arranged in a unique way, defying theory and the traditional way of listening to music. Jazz evokes feelings of improvisation and spontaneity while still reflecting unmatched musical skill. The evolution of jazz has come a long way since the early days of jazz sensibility. Hailing from Puerto Rico, bassist and composer Joan Torres is on the forefront of progressive jazz.

Joan was recognized early in his musical career by the Berklee College of Music. They offered him several opportunities in the form of scholarships to attend their esteemed academy. He studied under several great musicians and performed in a colorful array of genres such as salsa, rock, reggae, Lati...

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