New Artist Reviews: d.oh

January 27, 2015 3:31 PM

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The availability of technology has redistributed the power of creation to the underdogs. While artists will always find a way to create despite all obstacles, there are many more accessible tools now to aid in this creation. In electronically produced music, elaborate studios are preferred, but no longer necessary. Like the era of garage bands, a new generation of artists are emerging from homes and bedrooms all over the world. Toronto, Canada native, Daniel Oh, has been experimenting with the art of arranging sounds from the comfort of his own bedroom since 2012. While attending the University of Tronoto, d.oh laboriously tinkered with his craft between, and sometimes during, his classes. After a few years, he created the electronically driven album Hole in My Sock. The six track album of bedroom beats retains elements of indie rock, blues and pop while properly doused in deep electronic sounds.

Each track on d.oh's Hole in My Sock varies in style and sound. His humble beginnings wrought humble songs that emulate a feeling of contentment and familiarity. They are deep, yet simple, smooth, mellow and romantic at times. D.oh's budding talent is apparent as he searches through different styles...

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