Netanyahu wants to get the dowry without the bride

October 5, 2014 4:24 PM

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Netanyahu wants to get the dowry without the bride

One week after the Six Day War, then-Secretary General of MAPAI (a defunct left-wing political party in Israel) Golda Meir went on a tour of the West Bank. Following the visit, she met with the Prime Minister Levi Eshkol for a chat. She said she was very impressed and excited by what she saw, but asked him “what will we do with one million Arabs?” He smiled and told her, “I see that you like the dowry, but that you don’t like the bride.” Almost fifty years later, another premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, reached the conclusion that you can get the dowry without the bride: he will make peace with the Arab world and the Arab world, which does not like the Palestinians so much, will make sure they’ll accept its dictates. In other words, no settlements would be evacuated, security in the occupied territories would entirely be Israel’s responsibility, East Jerusalem would not be divided and Israel would not return to the 1967 borders.

As I watched Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly before an almost empty hall and listened to the applause of his entourage on the balconies, I asked myself, do the applauders’ really believe that you can achieve peace with the Arab world and skip the Palestinians? Does Netanyahu himself be...

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