Nerdrumklanen | Brandon Kralik

July 8, 2014 6:38 PM

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Nerdrumklanen | Brandon Kralik

Nerdrumklanen, a new exhibition of paintings and prints from the members of the Nerdrum School is opening this weekend at Raugland Atelier in Norway. Because the Nerdrum clan represents a philosophy, a way of life, it echos out from the realm of painting and into other areas, like Wildlings descending the wall, there are fans of Nerdrum everywhere. In addition to painters and sculptors, actors, philosophers and musicians also understand that this is a paradigm shift, more than a movement which I have, in the past, erroneously referred to it as in attempts to understand and explain it. It is an alternative way of viewing cultural aesthetics, to the more established modern perspectives that we see around us today. A new paradigm.

Nerdrum's ongoing tax case in the Nowegian court, which is more of a performance piece than an example of justice, can seem to be all one hears about when it comes to Nerdrum, but behind all of it is the work. We must remember to return to the work, and spend time with it for therein lies the power ...

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