'NCIS: New Orleans' goes down easy enough

September 24, 2014 8:17 PM

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'NCIS: New Orleans' goes down easy enough

Mediocrity, obviously, is not what we should hope for from a spinoff of TV's most popular drama, just as another CSI/NCIS incarnation is much less than we should demand from America's most popular network. Still, keeping in mind that things could always be worse — and in the case of this New Orleans based NCIS spinoff, actually were much worse — a just-OK start is at least a step up.

For those who missed it, NCIS: New Orleans was introduced last spring in a two-part NCIS special that was an alarmingly inept blunt hammer, even for a franchise not known for subtlety. Through two clumsy hours, characters summarized their lives as if they were Miss America contestants introducing th...

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