NBC shalt make yet another Ten Commandments show

September 2, 2014 6:32 AM

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NBC shalt make yet another Ten Commandments show

“A Promise To The Dead” is the penultimate episode of Teen Wolf’s fourth season, a season that has been wholly uneven; it’s been full of concepts of varying levels of intrigue, with almost all of them being weighed down by poor execution. This is a set-up episode for next week’s finale, but what it really is is another stalling tactic in a season full of such tactics. Instant gratification is never the tell-tale sign of a quality television program, but the problem with the fourth season of Teen Wolf is that it keeps giving the audience questions, only to avoid answers or closure.

This is the rare time where a shortened season hasn’t done anything to help a show’s plotting and pacing issues. In fact, it’s as if the writers have chosen to wait until the very last minute to get to the true story of the season, in hopes that no one would realize the lack of focus or direction.

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