Navigating the Waters of Time and Expectation

December 1, 2014 5:47 PM

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As I sit down to write this, I am two weeks away from my 60th birthday. That means that 240 seasons, 720 months, 21,900 days and 525,600 hours have come and gone while I have been alive. If nothing else, I have experienced a huge amount of changes during my lifetime. I have been exposed to enormous amounts of information. I have interacted with many thousands of people. I am old enough to recall the Kennedy and King assassinations, the British Invasion (the Beatles on Ed Sullivan), Woodstock, and the Vietnam War on TV. And thanks to the era of information technology, I feel like I knew FDR, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, etc. My knowledge base crosses many centuries. So given this information, it would seem that 60 years should afford me plenty of time to establish the most effective and rewarding life here on Earth.

Yet, I must admit that the life I have currently living was jaded by many things: my childhood (I was raised by two narcissists who never should have been parents), the economy, crime, world crises, environmental disasters, war, poverty, sickness, slavery, pollution, racism, and the increasing effec...

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