Navigating the Storm | Rebecca Mckown

August 6, 2014 4:25 PM

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Navigating the Storm | Rebecca Mckown

I have been contemplating what I have been doing lately with my life. What direction should I be moving? I am very passionate about what I am doing to the point of getting giddy at times. But as with all journeys we sometimes come to a block that needs to be navigated. In truth we are always navigating something. Our life is a journey and how we take that journey is up to us. Will we be on foot, car, plane, boat. There are so many options and yes we have a choice of which mode we take. At this point I consider myself on a journey at sea. There are sometimes smooth waters and sometime choppy. Choppy is where I am currently. The path is a little bumpy and uncomfortable but I know on the beyond it will be smooth sailing, at least for a bit before the rocky waters returns.

Sometimes I wish I were a crier and all my emotions would come flooding out in my tears. Then with the baptismal tears, a flood of inspiration and insight would come. Unfortunately though I am not one.

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