Nashville's Shocking Proposal, Arrow's Brutal Finale Battle and More OMG TV Moments!

May 15, 2014 4:54 AM

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Tonight, on television, Nashville, Rayna James was kissed by two hot and similar-looking Southern men, and you just know it's gonna be a big problem for her next season (Team Deacon, though). Then, on Arrow, the finale gave a million fangirls and fanboys the ship-related thing they had been dreaming of for two seasons, and then it went "Ha! Just kidding!" and broke our hearts into a million pieces before attempting to put them back together again with incredibly badass action sequences. Finale season takes a real emotional toll on us. We are not ok. Send candy and massages, please.

Nashville: Welp Juliette's secret is out! Avery found out that she slept with Jeff, and he was not happy about it. He dumped her, but then she begged for him to come back with a heartbreaking speech about how no man has ever truly loved her, and she can't bear to be alone. (There was an epic ling ab...

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