NASA’s Head Scientist Predicts We’ll Have Signs of Extraterrestrial Life by 2025

April 8, 2015 11:39 PM

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Ellen Stofan, the head scientist of NASA predicts that we will find signs of extraterrestrial life within a decade. She also predicts that by 2035 – 2045, we will have definitive evidence that alien life really exists. She thinks that we’ll have strong indications of alien life beyond our planet in just a decade. These predications were made during a panel event that talked about the presence of water in the universe.

Stofan added that we already know the possible places where can obtain the signs and we have the capability of producing the right tools to help us gather the data that we need. Today’s level of technology and the sheer amount of ideas are the reasons why 10 years all we need to is verify the predic...

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