NASA Provides a Closer Look at “The Beast” Through Multiple Telescopes

June 14, 2014 12:18 AM

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To date, US assets have uncovered approximately 98 percent of the known near-Earth objects. However, the recently captured images of the huge near-miss asteroid “The Beast” by NASA are among the most detailed radar views of an asteroid ever captured. The Beast skimmed past Earth on Sunday at a relatively close distance to the Earth’s atmosphere—777,000 miles of our planet’s atmosphere or about three times farther than the Moon.

Lesser known by the official name “2014 HQ124,” the asteroid was discovered by the NEOWISE mission of NASA, a space telescope adapted for scouting the skies for asteroids and comets. The trek of the celestial body in buzz traveling at a speed of 31,000 mph relative to the Earth was broadcast live vi...

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