NASA plans to bring an asteroid on lunar orbit

November 1, 2014 12:44 PM

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NASA plans to bring an asteroid on lunar orbit

In a bid to prepare for future manned mission to Mars, NASA has planned to bring an asteroid on lunar orbit. Using an asteroid as a training ground is a very challenging task, but NASA is confident that it would be successful in executing its plan and has already gone ahead with the project called ARM (Asteroid Redirect Mission). The plan has already kept NASA researchers busy for one an half years and if everything falls into place, astronauts would be collecting samples from a new lunar asteroid within 10 years from now.

NASA's technology deployed to perform the daunting task will be later used for Mars exploration. However, many experts have expressed their opinions over how NASA should plan its budget. If a professor of planetary science and aeronautics at MIT, Richard Binzel, is to be believed, the asteroid missi...

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