Name One Thing in Your Life That Throws You Out of Balance

September 16, 2014 9:16 PM

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Name One Thing in Your Life That Throws You Out of Balance

When I was 18, I suffered from a rare disease by the name of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome", a condition of profound fatigue and severe muscle pain that made my body so weak to a point, where for a second I lost my desire to live. The healing process, supported by my mother, turned out to become my life introduction to "balance." Because of my illness I was able to take a break from the life that I used to have as a classical musician and start off with a clean slate. I changed my music career direction to pursue my happiness; I moved to New York all the way from Israel to play and study the music that I love. I had to start over from scratch and in the next ten years managed to create a new career and win many distinguished awards including a Grammy. Although I have been living my dream my personal voyage for the balanced life has never really matured. Indeed, it is so difficult in this modern world to find the so called "balance"!

Allow me to give you a simple example: many of us get upset almost every day over literally nothing. Sound familiar? Sometimes people get so upset, to a point that you cannot help but ask yourself: is it really worth it?

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