A Mysterious Giant Legoman Has Appeared On A Japanese Beach

December 5, 2014 2:38 PM

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Sometime Wednesday, an unusual sight washed up on the shores of Yuigahama beach in the Japanese city of Kamakura. The giant Lego figurine came with a few clues reportedly noted by Tatsuya Hirata, the surfer who happened on the robot man. At more than eight feet, it was dressed in blue pants and a red shirt that proclaimed, "No Real Than You Are," on its front. On the back, it bore the name "Ego Leonard."

You can almost hear the UFO conspiracists ascending their soap boxes. Sadly though, there's an all too corporeal explanation, as any fan of street art knows. Every practitioner has his thing: Invader sprinkles Pac-man faces on the biggest buildings in the world, Banksy turns unremarkable walls into ...

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