My Turning Point | Tom Hahn

February 10, 2015 6:48 PM

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My Turning Point | Tom Hahn

The sound of the ambulance screaming through the late evening hours only heightened the fear of what was coming next. I felt like I was on an amusement park ride and had to wait until it ran its course before I could get off. Pulling away from the condo that overlooked the ocean, the sirens blazing, I flashed back to the events of the past week and wondered what was next. It was the beginning of a death roll that was doubling each day, it was the AIDS virus claiming another life, cut short. There was no time for adjustment in those days, one just learned from outside sources that "he died." Like soldiers in a war who faced death in such alarming numbers, we too were forced to face it. There was no running away from it as it permeated every sector of life. The virus was not particular.

Richard, a close friend in NY called to tell me that he was bringing his life partner, Eddie, to San Diego in a few days and asked if I could drive down from LA to meet them and take them into Tijuana, which was the only place in the North American continent that would try experimental drugs. The FD...

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