My Teacher Family Urges "Yes" on Pending California EpiPen Bill

August 12, 2014 8:52 PM

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Our toddler daughter stopped breathing in our arms after eating a bite of food to which she was severely allergic. The EpiPen injection we quickly gave her likely saved her life. My teacher-husband Alex was stung by a bee when in his 30s, and unexpectedly had his first anaphylactic reaction, losing consciousness within minutes. Quick action on a friend's part, and an EpiPen injection, likely saved his life.

We knew nothing about anaphylaxis until these experiences, but we learned from both that it happens quickly and unexpectedly, to people who know they have allergies, as well as people who don't. We also learned that epinephrine (epi) auto-injectors, administered in a pinch, can halt potentially fata...

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