My Phone Call From Robin Williams

August 15, 2014 2:59 PM

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Robin Williams called me on a spring day in 2005. I was on the waiting list for a heart transplant. He called to wish me good luck. We talked for more than an hour. Robin began by asking about my daughter, Barbi. She was why he called in the first place. Barbi, and her sisters, probably thought I was on my last legs. Nobody gets on the waiting list for a heart transplant who isn't. But my situation was made all the more precarious because I'm a blood type B. When you get a heart transplant, you must get one from your own blood type. Only about 8 percent of the population is type B. So, getting a B-type donor heart is an infrequent occurrence. It doesn't happen every day. I had been on the waiting list since September 2003. Time, my time was definitely running out.

Barbi had this idea that it would nice for me to talk with people whose work I admired, people who had inspired me, people who had made me laugh, made me cry, made me think, who somehow had touched my life. There was nothing spiritual going on here, just a daughter's wish that her daddy should be ha...

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