My Oscar Predictions | Andy Hoglund

February 18, 2015 10:17 PM

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Until recently, this was a fairly humdrum affair. Boyhood had the major categories sewn up, and that was that. Then, suddenly, American Sniper took off with historic box office, a confirmation that Clint Eastwood can literally do anything besides win presidential elections. And, since then, a steady corrosion of support for Boyhood has existed, undermining it at every turn. Like Selma before it, a mini-controversy erupted over a small portion of the film - in this case, its waiter subplot. Soon, the guilds flocked to Birdman - admittedly, another bold choice, but regrettably another film about entertainment and art.

Today, the Oscar race has splinted with many of the top categories still open-ended. If you want to know the winners, search your soul and wait until Sunday. If you want to know my informed predictions? Proceed...

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