'My Leg Is My Property'

September 26, 2014 9:50 PM

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One Dutch man’s desperate times called for desperate measures when he built up the courage to sell his own disembodied right leg turned real-life leg lamp à la A Christmas Story on eBay to settle financial debts. Fifty-three-year-old Leo Bonten had a leg amputation earlier this year after slipping into a pool and breaking his right leg two years ago. Prior to his surgery, Bolton had a flash of inspiration: to have his amputated leg made into a floor lamp, instead of sending it to the incinerator.

In order to get the rights to keep his leg, Bonten endured a legal battle at the hospital about who is the rightful owner of his amputated limb, and whether it was even legal for him to keep it. Conventionally, an amputated limb “belongs” to the hospital where it was removed, and the hospital is res...

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